Featured Services to the Zoo Industry

Zoo Media positions itself as a strategic partner to Zoo’s worldwide. Zoo media provides Advertising, Marketing, Sponsorship and Smart Initiatives to the Zoo and Aquatic industry. Zoo Media brings creative new ideas which show the industry how Zoo Media branded products and services meet both visitors and Zoo Venue needs.

IZTV (In Zoo Television Network)

Cup Holders

Smart Zoo Initiatives

Concession Branded Products

Visitor Engagement Tools


Digital Signage

Interactive Kiosks

Social Cause Marketing

Personalized Direct Mail


Digital Signage

Exterior Digital Signs
Video Boards
LED Ribbon Displays
Digital Menu Boards
Zoo Displays
In Zoo TV Network
Video Walls
LED Iighting


Revenue Center

The Digital Signage can create revenue;

Digital Out of Home Display
Audio Delivery System Branding
Charging Station Branding
Wi-Fi Branding
Proximity Marketing Hotkeys
Cell Phone Banner Ads
High-Speed Wireless Data Transfer
Download Station

Zoo Media Digital Licensing

Enhancing the Fan Experience

New Revenue Centers
New Consumer Experience
Power on the Go Device Charging
Entertainment Transfer
Real-Time Information
Video On Demand
WI-FI Hot Station
Social Media Engagement

Zoo Media Hospitality


Zoo Media can arrange Corporate Events Worldwide

All inclusive zoo bookings
Corporate Hospitality
Wedding venue
Meeting and event space
Food & Beverage
New and exciting experience
VIP guest services
Premium gift service
And so much more

Zoo Media Webcam and Security


The face of earth can be safer with RAMM;

Video Surveillance
Human trafficking monitor
Emergency broadcast and notification
Facial recognition
Counterterrorism strategy
Terrorism watch list monitoring
Wireless device identification
Cell and burned phone tagging
Voice call monitoring domestic and international

Law Enforcement Connection
Video-audio Network Cloud Recording
Suspect Search
Geofeed Social Media Monitor
Crisis Communication Notification

Zoo Media IoT Design

Real-Time Information

The face of earth can identify opportunities with RAMM;

Big Data
Customer profile
Customer behavior
Demographic collection
Device Profile
Dwell time calculator
Consumer traffic counting


WI-FI Connection Station

The face of earth can now connect with RAMM;

Customer engagement
Broadcast up to 300 feet
Pings any enabled mobile device
Customer can opt IN or OUT
Business Intelligence
Mobile engagement
Management Solutions
Valuable marketing information
Respects individual privacy

Zoo Media planning and buying

Zoo Media Planning & Buying

Creating corporate partnerships to enhance the welfare of animals;

Plan all of your zoo marketing campaigns
Digital out of home
Exhibit sponsorship
Device charging station
In zoo television network
Print publications
Proximity engagement
Webcam VOD sponsorship
And so much more

Zoo Imagery Licensing

Film & Photography

Zoo Media arranges Film & Photography access Worldwide;

Television commercials
Print publications
Photo shoots
Animal photography
Fashion shows
TV show creation
Brand entertainment
Webcams VOD