Zoo Media positions itself as a strategic partner to Zoos worldwide.  Zoo Media provides Advertising, Marketing, Sponsorship and Smart Initiatives to the Zoo and Aquatic industry. Zoo Media brings creative new ideas which show the industry how Zoo Media branded products and services meet both visitors and Zoo’s needs.

Zoo Media Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage Design

Digital Sign Design and Installation

Digital menu boards open up a new opportunity for advertising and sponsorship

  • Exterior Digital Signage
  • Interior Digital Education Signage
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • In Zoo Television Network (IZTV)
  • Interactive Kiosk
Zoo Media interactive kiosks

Interactive Kiosks

Zoo Interactive Kiosk

  • Zoo Visitors have more ways to interact with kiosk, watching video, interacting with trivia and games, having their picture taken and emailed. All this interaction delivers branded messages and builds a database for future marketing.
  • The LED Display Board has the capability to offer Advertisers, services like Branded Live News Feeds, Zoo Messages, and Weather Information.
  • The 32” Fully Enclosed Display allows for full audio and video. Advertisers can build a database through text messaging, running trivia and interactive games.

POWER ON THE GO is a Mobile Handheld Charging Device!

  • Fuel Rod gives eight (8) or more additional hours of life to any mobile smart device.
  • Zoo Media study showed millions of brand impressions are lost forever due to dead or dying cell phone batteries.
  • NOW by placing Fuel Rod Kiosks Zoo’s can add Millions of New Brand Impressions with this simple handheld device.
  • Fuel Rod allows people to move freely whenever and wherever with Power On The Go.
Concession product advertising

Branded Concession Products

Branded Revenue Opportunities:

  • Food Service Sheets
  • Branded Silverware
  • Popcorn Bags
  • Napkins
  • Bags
  • Food Containers

Branded Beverage Products

  • Souvenirs Cups
  • Concession Trays
  • Concession Tray Inserts
  • Cup Holder Banner Ads
  • Standouts/Cup Holder Inserts
  • Labels & Stickers
Visitor engagement

Visitor Engagement Tools

Fanz® Eye

  • Fanz®Eye Visitor Day Lens for Smart Phones
  • Fanz®Eye Meets One Important Goal as an Inexpensive Premium or Retail Item, Visitor Engagement Experience.
  • As Zoos Focus to Improve the Visitor Experience, we Turn to Technology.
  • Visitor Engagement and Improving How Visitors Interact with Social Media by Increasing Brand Impressions and Creating New Revenue
  • Run Photo Contest and #Hash-Tag  Programs.

RAMM™ Power

  • The Problem; Dead or Dying Batteries
  • As Zoos meet the demand to offer Visitors Wireless Connectivity, there is one thing that seems to be missing in the process, Using Data and Searching for Wi-Fi Kills Phone Batteries.
  • Charging Stations or lack thereof will be then the next major complaint Visitors have while at the Zoo.
  • Give your Visitors the Power to last the day and increase Social Media Engagement.
Direct personalized mail

Personalized Direct Mail

Integrate Hyper-Personalization Seamlessly into Your Marketing

  • Zoo Media integrates the most popular marketing automation & CRM platforms to streamline, track & scale your Hyper-Personalized Direct Mail efforts.
  • Delivers Audio & Video in the mail.
  • You know when a recipient responds
  • Cost effective

Would your contacts open up mail with their picture on it? Of course they would!

  • Cut through the clutter with Hyper-Personalized Direct Mail that includes your contacts Social Media Profile Image, Company Logo, Website Image, and recent communication.
  • This level of personalization makes a lasting impression on your most valuable contacts, and maximizes your Marketing Dollars.
Zoo Media Social Marketing

Zoo Social Start

Guaranteed Twitter Followers

  • Zoo Media uses a revolutionary new ‘state of the art’ software which enables us to create increased awareness in the minds of prospective consumers.
  • Zoo social media market focus has far surpassed all of our expectations for effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Zoo Social custom design each and every marketing program to the clients immediate needs and specifications. SSN features a total package of unique filtering and selective analytic packaging to make your brand stand out in your target market.

Add 10,000 followers Per Day

  • Our team builds custom Social Network Programs capable of driving traffic to your company website, landing page, press releases or the ‘buy me’ buttons for goods or services.
  • The capability to adapt to your specific ‘call to action’ is what sets us apart. Our program utilizes our proprietary Automated Tweeting Technology 24/7 in tandem with targeted audience searching.
  • As a result your audience will be unique to the parameters you specify and will engage much quicker.
Zoo media social causes

Zoo Social Causes

Non profits

  • Education
  • Conservation
  • Animal Welfare

Cup holders for charity

Zoo Media’s “Cup holders for Charity” program provides individuals and corporations with a unique opportunity to “Put Your Name in the Zoo.”

When you make a charitable gift to a sponsoring charity selected by your local Zoo, Zoo Media places a cup holder in the venue, with your name appearing next to the charity and zoos logos in acknowledgement of your support. It’s easy, fun, and everybody wins!